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Will type up a more coherent explanation eventually, but for now, here are some key points and differences:

Crank dat Soulja Bee )
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  • Since canon has shown that she writes a lot more about her thoughts then speaking, she would probably text more as well.
  • Given that she has a curious nature, she tends to get quite sensual in foreplay and when having sex.
  • Which of course, means that she falls asleep right after she's done, since she tends to expend all her energy during sex.
  • Won't fully admit that she likes crude jokes, even though she herself has a crude sense of humor.
  • Canonically is a heavy sleeper, so she won't be waken by one or two pokes and even if someone shouts, and usually after a minute or so, people give up and leave her alone. However, it is a very bad idea to continue on, since waking her up is like summoning Cthulu, and the very few people who have tried it have never been seen again.
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    Jun. 24th, 2014 10:56 pm
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    Any comments or concerns on how I play Three? Feel free to leave them here!

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